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The Best Way to Handle Phone Numbers

Processing phone numbers seems complicated at first glance because of the many different formats. In this post, I’ll show you that with libphonenumber, it becomes child’s play. I’ll also recommend how to store the phone number in the database. Introduction Google’s libphonenumber According to the GitHub repository libphone number is: Google’s common Java, C++ and JavaScript library for parsing, formatting, and …

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Java: Demystifying The Stream API – Part 3

In our earlier articles part1 and part2, we have previously explored the significance of functional programming, Lambda Calculus, as well as various features such as Functional Interfaces, Lambda Expressions, and Method References. This article delves into a crucial aspect, namely the Stream API, which JDK1.8 incorporated. It also covers how to utilize Lambda Expressions, Method References, and Functional Interfaces within …

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What’s wrong with createDirectories() – A Beginner’s Guide to IntelliJ Profiler

Sometimes your app works, but you want to increase performance by boosting its throughput or reducing latency. Other times, you just want to know how code behaves at runtime, determine where the hot spots are, or figure out how a framework operates under the hood. This is a perfect use case for profilers. They offer a bird’s eye view of …

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