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Example Java Application with Embedded Jetty and a htmx Website

I was experimenting with a Java application that can act as a web server and includes the user interface HTML-files that get modified with htmx, to replace certain parts of the HTML with other ones created in Java. I found it pretty hard to understand how to configure the embedded Jetty webserver, but as always with Java libraries, it’s pretty …

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Exploring New Features in JDK 23: Simplifying Java with Module Import Declarations with JEP 476

As Java evolves, simplifying code and improving developer productivity remain priorities. JEP 476 introduces a new feature in JDK 23: Module Import Declarations. This feature aims to streamline the process of importing multiple packages from a module, enhancing code readability and reducing boilerplate. What is JEP 476? JEP 476 proposes the ability to import all packages exported by a module …

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Even More Opentelemetry!

I continue to work on my Opentelemetry demo. Its main idea is to showcase traces across various technology stacks, including asynchronous communication via an MQTT queue. Recently, I added a couple of components and changed the architecture. Here are some noteworthy learnings; note that some of them might not be entirely connected to OpenTelemetry. Here’s an updated diagram. New components …

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