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Chopping the monolith in a smarter way

In my previous post Chopping the Monolith, I explained that some parts of a monolith are pretty stable and only the fast-changing parts are worth being “chopped.” I turned the post into a talk and presented it at several conferences. I think it’s pretty well received; I believe it’s because most developers understand, or have direct experience, that microservices are …

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Who Killed the JVM? Attaching a Debugger Twice

A few weeks back, I told you about on-demand debugging in my Level-up your Java Debugging Skills with on-demand Debugging blog post, enabling you to delay a debugging session until: You gave orders via jcmd (onjcmd=y option), a feature contributed by the SapMachine team the program threw a specific exception (onthrow=<exception>) The program threw an uncaught exception (onuncaught=y) This is …

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Couch to fully-observed code with Spring Boot 3.2, Micrometer Tracing, and Digma

Collecting important data about your code in dev and test has become trivial, it’s now also getting easier to put that data to use. Tracing > Debugging There are many benefits to being able to follow what your Spring Boot code is doing using tracing. When used effectively, traces can reveal a lot about the inner workings of complex systems, …

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