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Foojay Podcast #54: Music and MIDI with Java and Kotlin

MIDI is a universal standard for communicating between musical instruments and computers. Within OpenJDK, there is a whole Java package dedicated to MIDI communication and data handling. Is it up to date? Are there better approaches now? And what can we do with music, Java, and Kotlin? Let’s find out… Video Podcast (audio only) Guests Atsushi Eno  …

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Example Java Application with Embedded Jetty and a htmx Website

I was experimenting with a Java application that can act as a web server and includes the user interface HTML-files that get modified with htmx, to replace certain parts of the HTML with other ones created in Java. I found it pretty hard to understand how to configure the embedded Jetty webserver, but as always with Java libraries, it’s pretty …

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Exploring New Features in JDK 23: Simplifying Java with Module Import Declarations with JEP 476

As Java evolves, simplifying code and improving developer productivity remain priorities. JEP 476 introduces a new feature in JDK 23: Module Import Declarations. This feature aims to streamline the process of importing multiple packages from a module, enhancing code readability and reducing boilerplate. What is JEP 476? JEP 476 proposes the ability to import all packages exported by a module …

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