How to obtain a ticket for J-Fall 2021

J-Fall 2021 sold out in less than 24 hours! Are you one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket? Nice, we’ll see you there.
Unfortunately missed out? Don’t worry and keep reading.

The Masters of Java competition (read all about it at the bottom of this post) or Pre-conference workshops are your way in. Sign up for either one and you’ll automatically claim a spot for J-Fall as well. Want to know what to expect? Below, you can find everything you need to know. But don’t think too long about it, the capacity is limited.

Please note that J-Fall 2021 is ONLY for NLJUG members and when you enter the venue you need to show your valid Corona Check QR-code & ID card.

Pre-conference Workshops

The day before J-Fall 2021 the NLJUG organizes expert level pre-conference Workshops. These masterclass workshops are brought to you by top level speakers such as Simon Ritter, Urs Peter and Kenny Baas-Schwegler.

This year we’ve got for you:

  • Modern Java Workshop
  • Intermediate / Advanced Kotlin Workshop
  • Domain-Driven Design heuristics for dealing with legacy software

For more detailed information:
Click here.


Masters of Java Competition

Masters of Java, which self-respecting Dutch Java developer doesn’t know the unofficial Dutch championship programming? The best Java developers in the Netherlands have been competing for this prestigious title for several years. As you might expect from us:
The assignments will be challenging and fun.

The Masters of Java is a famous funprogging contest (based on Java SE), which is accessible to every Java developer. This competition does not test the API knowledge, but the real programming skills.
In previous editions, Masters of Java has already produced a lot of heated battles.
Come and join the fight!

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