J-Fall 2021 top rated sessions & aftermovie!

3 weeks ago the biggest Java Conference of the Netherlands took place in Pathé Ede: J-Fall. With 1.300 NLJUG members it was once again a great success!

Of course, we hope you were there. But if you weren’t, don’t worry! You will be able to (re)watch the sessions soon. But in the meantime, you can already browse through the photos to relive the feeling of J-Fall 2021. But moving images say more than words and still images (Yes, we just made that saying up), so please enjoy the J-Fall 2021 Aftermovie!

But that’s not all. A big thank you to everyone who was at J-Fall and voted on the sessions because those ratings give us very meaningful insights which allows us to keep improving our events.

Without further ado, congratulations to the J-Fall 2021 top 10 speakers!

  1. Sander Mak – Streamlining large-scale Java development using Error Prone
  2. Tom Cools – Learning Through Tinkering
  3. Arthur Arts & Miel van Welzen – Migrating to a clean and flexible product portfolio architecture with GraphQL
  4. Geoffrey De Smet – Artificial Intelligence on Quarkus: I love it when an OptaPlan comes together
  5. Sander Hoogendoorn– The Zen of Programming. A personal journey towards writing beautiful code
  6. Ignite Sessions – Bart van Wezel, Joep Weijers, David Baakman, Jan-Hendrik Kuperus, Julien Lengrand-Lambert, Tim te Beek, Jan Ouwens, Hanno Embregts
  7. Brian Vermeer – Deserialization exploits in Java: why should I care?
  8. Mitchel Snel – Developing with your eyes closed
  9. Koen Aerts – Impact the world with your IT knowledge using LITTIL
  10. Kenny Baas-Schwegler – How cognitive biases and ranking can foster an ineffective architecture and design

As stated above, you can rewatch these top sessions soon!

We are super grateful we could organize this beautiful event in these hard times and we appreciate everyone who made it happen, from the speakers and partners to the venue and of course… YOU!