J-Fall 2018: The top 10 sessions

J-Fall 2018 was a day full of amazing sessions, but who are the best according to you? The NLJUG community has had their say and a top 10 has emerged. 

Many visitors of J-Fall 2018 have send their ratings either through the app or the (online) survey, which we would like to thank you for! All the feedback has been evaluated, so we can improve J-Fall 2019 even more. Underneath you can find the top 10 of J-Fall 2018. The sessions have been rated on a scale of 0-5. The bold numbers are the average score. Click on the session to see what it was about. Click on the speaker to read more about him/her.

Soon the sessions will come online on our YouTube channel, so keep an eye on it!

Venkat Subramaniam Java Functional Programming Idioms 4,78
Jan Ouwens Don’t hack the JVM? ☠️💣💥 4,69
Simon Maple Common vulnerabilities you wish your Java app didn’t have! 4,58
Venkat Subramaniam Kotlin for Java Programmers 4,53
Ray Tsang Making Knative Java-native 4,52
Berwout de Vries Robles Impromptu Orchestra 4,51
Peter Hilton Flat HTTP API Documentation 4,49
Winfred van Egteren Reuse your web skills to build native apps with NativeScript 4,45
Paulien van Alst, Ruben Boumans Kotlin workshop: How to write a microservice in Kotlin only 4,44
Nicolai Parlog Fun with `var` in Java 11 4,37


Fun fact: Berwout & Paulien were part of the speaker mentoring programme. So even if you are an inexperienced speaker you can get in the top 10!

The only thing you have to do, is follow our speaker mentoring programme next year 😉