het eerste verslag van JavaOne 2014 – Dag 1

The title “Create the future” aims at involving kids already as the next generation of Java developers. A group of kids was invited to the stage to show the fan made with lego in a devoxx4kids session.

kids  lego-fan-kids

The Keynote started with pumping house music with rap-texts like “Java is everywhere” and “In the internet of everything, Java is the Glue”. Throughout the keynote they had a sort of scripted dialogue with other Oracle speakers and partners on stage. Peter Utzschneider was the host for Java SE, Java ME and the embedded versions and Cameron Purdy for Java EE. John Duimovich of IBM did a marketing talk about the keyrole of Java in the landscape and finally Mark Reinhold about the history, key values and future of java.

Coming directly to the bare core of the keynote, it did not really contain any new subjects. Java 8 features were spoken of in great length as well as features in Java EE 7, ME and the embedded versions. Adoption of SE embedded, ME and ME embedded is still ongoing and remains a focus point. They stressed in great length that User groups and their involvement is crucial, also to continue in the open source direction under mentorship of oracle.

It was confirmed that project JigSaw should be shipped with Java 9 in 2016, but mentioned as side note that it will not have a big impact when comparing to lambda expressions in Java 8.

Bron: Mark Stoetzer van First8