What is An Application Server? In 3 Minutes!

Low on time and want to know what an ‘application server’ really is?

Here we offer our explanation. This video covers the difference between application servers and web servers, what an application server can do to make your life as a developer easier, and more, all in less time than your average pop song!

This is a high-level view that might be helpful to pass on to managers and procurement teams who aren’t sure what an application server is.

Video by Alan Roth.

Application servers are a key concept in the world of Jakarta EE. 

The Jakarta EE, previously Java EE, specifications are designed to work with a Jakarta EE compatible runtime, another word for an application server.

There is often a lot of confusion around the difference between application servers, runtimes and web servers.

Though Alan has given you a starting point here, go into more depth in our guide, ‘Beginners Overview Guide to Java Runtimes‘:

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