JavaFX Links of November

Time flies when having fun…

So here we are again, another month has passed and this is a summary of the Links Of The Week that were published on during November.

JavaFX Core

We already shared here that Oracle will also be distributing JavaFX builds, and you can see the announcement they did at JavaOne here.

Takaaki Sugiyama shared a lot of screenshot pictures of the JavaOne presentation “JavaFX 19 and Beyond”, and the full presentation by Kevin Rushforth is available as a PDF here.
Inside Java published a podcast with Kevin Rushforth, OpenJFX Project Co-Lead, working at Oracle.

Early-access builds of JavaFX 20 are available from



A feature in development for SceneBuilder: drop one or more FXML files into the welcome page to open them, as you can see in this video shared by Raumzeitfalle.


JavaFX Chess by John Sirach is not a new project, but Jakob Jenkov shared a tweet about it, and it’s always nice to see a video of this amazing project.
JavaFX3D shared some nice links:

Monopoly game implemented in JavaFX as a student project by Titof Abdellatif Anflous.
Space Invaders game by Charles T. (A Bit’s Odyssey) (explanation in French).

OrangoMango, a Java game developer, published a video showing how to make a simple shooter game in Java with the JavaFX framework.
GenCross-A mini crossword application written with JavaFX by u/CasualCompetive, fully described on


Samie Azubike shared a video in a tweet showing BobFI, a nice JavaFX UI to manage tasks, projects, messages, and help you communicate with your team.
Some new great demos of the visual modeler, written in JavaFX and integrating OpenCV, by Alessio Vinerbi:

Blending modes
Integration of processing nodes
Integration of MQTT.
BTW, this tool is not public yet, but we hope to be able to give it a try ourselves soon…

Rachael Ellen shared a screenshot of an app that sketches polygons to highlight abandoned structures of the long deserted settlement of Shiaba, (IsleOfMull, Scotland). The full project is on GitHub.
PDFsam, a powerful and professional PDF editor, will have a dark theme in the next major version as you can see in this screen recording.
Gerrit Grunwald re-created a little JavaFX control to monitor CPU, memory and temperature of your computer, see the GitHub project.
Thanhpv shared some first screenshots of a new JavaFX application to quickly and accurately build visualized and transparent construction quantity reports for resource planning, cost estimation, risk management.,… To be continued…
A simple periodic table app for chemistry lovers on GitHub by AmirAli, based on this periodic table JSON.


Dave Barret has a lot of very nice tutorials on his site! For instance “An Introduction to Model-View-Controller-Interactor”.
Neba Desmond on Twitter: “Day 24 of #100Daysofcode. Today was about making menus in #JavaFX”.
Donald Raab shared a blog about building his very first JavaFX application with IntelliJ IDEA.

New on

Real-world app: “HERO” by Pedro Duque Vieira, a CAD application for calculating the energy efficiency of dwellings.


JPro announced a new version 2022.1.6 with a modernized FileUpload API, support for multi-file upload, and browser native scrolling.

This means now also uses this new scrolling implementation.

Dirk Lemmermann expressed his admiration for CSSFX that saves him a lot of time while developing by providing CSS reloading functionality in your running application.
Two months ago, Robert Ladstätter announced the 1000th download of LogoRRR, another JavaFX GUI application! This week he passed the 2000 downloads! Congratz for a great app!!

BTW, Robert is looking for help: “How can you extract time instant information from log files”.

WebFX announced that Modality chose WebFX as its UI toolkit, being the first real-world WebFX application in development, and is driving forward the WebFX enterprise features. See video in the tweet.
A lot of the Links Of The Week are found on Twitter. But for a few weeks that medium lost a lot of its fun (in my opinion) since the take-over by Musk. So I’m slowly moving to Mastodon as my new “source of truth and inspiration”. It is a-kind-of-Twitter-alternative, free of advertisements and based on an opensource project. And then it’s fun to discover an (old) Mastodon client application in Kotlin and TornadoFX by wakingrufus. You can find it on GitHub. It probably needs some updates, but it could be the start of something fun. Take a look!

If you want to create a Mastodon account or want to move to a server dedicated to the OpenJDK, Java, JavaFX, JVM,… community, you can join that was created this week. For more info, check the posts on, the website for the Friends Of OpenJDK.

jWin by Zinelabidine Teyar: a Java tool that compiles and packs your app as a Windows installer.
Teaser: end of November a Foojay Podcast was recorded about JavaFX with Johan Vos, Dirk Lemmermann, Gail Anderson, Pedro Duque Vieira, and Sean Phillips. Still some editing to be done and will be published around the 20th of December as a Christmas present

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