JUG Munich hosts the JCP Executive Committee meeting to 25th anniversary of JCP

The Java Community Process (JCP) was established in 1998 to formalize the development process of the Java platform, where all interested parties can openly participate in the development of specification standards.

For many reasons, the JCP process [1] has decided to organize at least two face-to-face meetings of the Java Executive Committee per year. These meetings not only contain a very warm exchange of ideas, but are also very helpful in identifying future challenges. These meetings bring executives from all interested parties very close to the Java Community, as their feedback is very important to future platform development.

This year, the first meeting of the JCP Executive Committee will take place in Munich with the support of MicroDoc.

The public part will be part of the regular JUG Munich meeting [2] and will welcome Java Industry leaders from Amazon, Alibaba, Bellsoft, Microdoc, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others who have been elected as members of the Executive Committee.

This meeting is extraordinary and together we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Java Community Process.

The introduction and panel discussions will be led by Heather VanCura (ORACLE), who will talk about the significant importance of the community and its spectacular contribution to the development of the Java platform.
The next session will be led by Miro Wengner (OpenValue). He will talk about the brand new Java 22 release, touching on all the new features and importance of the Java Platform Green Masteplan.

We are looking forward to see you all in Munich JUG [2]!


Java Community Processe (JCP) Event Calendar 2024: link
Java User Group Munich: link

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