Foojay Podcast #47: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Java

About one and a half years ago, ChatGPT was launched.

The way we search for information and develop software has changed a lot since then as the use of Artificial Intelligence suddenly became a lot easier.

What can we expect in the near future, and how can we program AI ourselves with Java? Let’s find out…


Podcast (audio only)


Lize Raes

Personal blog:

Lutske de Leeuw

Podcast Host: Frank Delporte


00:00 Introduction of the topic and guests

01:25 AI and ML, where to begin?

Foojay Podcast Episode #34:

05:06 Can LLM help to structure and query data?

07:32 About LangChain4j

Project repository:

Documentation and tutorials:

Talk “Java meets AI: A Hands On Guide to Building LLM Powered Applications with LangChain4j”:

Vaadin chatbot in 20 lines of code:

11:29 Developers will work differently with AI

Talk “The New Superpower in the Developer’s Toolbox” with more insights in where the field of software development will evolve in the AI era):

15:36 Concerns about your code being used by models

18:17 Labeling data for models

19:53 The cost of API requests versus local systems

21:26 Future ideas for LangChain4j

28:17 LangChain4j examples repository

29:20 Problems with a Chat AI User Interface

32:54 Is AI just a hype, like blockchain was?

36:42 Can AI help us to “fix the world”?

38:45 Java evolutions to handle AI better

40:56 About TornadoVM and GPU usage

43:10 Conclusions


Barbershop John

Hermine Deurloo

Synapse by Shane Ivers –  

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