Foojay Podcast #9: The State of JavaFX Framework, Libraries, and Projects

JavaFX was introduced by Sun Microsystems in May 2007 and provides a platform for desktop, mobile, and embedded applications built on Java.

Libraries and software are available for the complete lifecycle of an application to run from a single codebase on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. JavaFX was originally part of the JDK, the Java Development Kit, and became a standalone technology in 2018.

The development is a joint effort between Oracle, Gluon (a small Belgian-based company), and the community.

Let’s talk about the JavaFX framework itself, but also about the libraries and applications that are built with it.


Pedro Duque Vieira (@p_duke)

Sean Phillips (@seanmiphillips)

Johan Vos (, @johanvos)

Gail Anderson (@gail_asgteach)

Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann)

Podcast host

Frank Delporte (


00’00 Short intro and music

00’16 Introduction about the topic of this podcast

00’57 Introduction of the guests and host

05’30 The state of the JavaFX/OpenJFX project   

09’40 About the release cycle of JavaFX, which is aligned with Java (every 6 months)

11’52 Comparing JavaFX with Swing

14’12 Which of the Java UI libraries is further maintained

14’52 About blog posts on Foojay about JavaFX

17’34 CAD application by Petro

18’42 Applications developed by Dirk

19’43 About, a showcase for JavaFX

24’46 JavaFX in the browser

27’01 The industry is considering Java as a server-only language. No broad support or big company is pushing JavaFX for app and web development.

30’14 Libraries created by Pedro 

32’52 About the many available JavaFX libraries

35’34  Mobile development with JavaFX

39’05 JavaFX versus JavaScript frameworks

41’12 Introduction Sean

42’16 Trinity application by Sean

47’20 Sean wants to thank the guests and community.

48’50 Pedro and Dirk about their libraries being used in various applications 

51’42 The fans of JavaFX are working hard and building amazing stuff but don’t have time to promote their work

56’00 About the announcement by Oracle that they now also will distribute builds of JavaFX 

57’19 To be expected in the next versions of JavaFX

59’05 Conclusion 

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