Foojay Podcast #11: Looking Back to 2022 and Predictions for 2023

A few weeks ago, Ted Neward published a post in which he reviewed the predictions he made one year ago and added a long list of predictions for 2023.

In this Foojay Podcast episode, we talk about these predictions, and we even found an analogy between what has happened at Twitter in the last months and the history of Java!


Ted Neward (, @tedneward)

Podcast host

Frank Delporte (, @frankdelporte)


00’00 Intro and music 

00’13 About the topic of this podcast 

00’28 Introduction of Ted and Frank 

01’40 Goal of the predictions

03’53 Looking back at the predictions of 2022

05’30 “Work-from-home will become normalized as part of the landscape

13’00 “Microservices start to give way back to deliberate monoliths

19’40 “Demand for full-stack developers will continue to leave companies high-and-dry

Be hungry, humble, and smart!

26’39 “2023 will be the year we try to figure out what to do with all this AI stuff

Devoxx Belgium 2022 AI intro movie

37’49 “Hiring will accelerate at the end of 1Q/2023

46’03 “BOLD TWITTER TAKE: Elon will sell Twitter (perhaps involuntarily) at the end of 2023, to another tech firm (like Microsoft or Oracle)

Comparing to the history of Java when it got bought by Oracle.

54’37 “Cloud will begin to shift

1:04’32” Looking for an engineering or devrel manager? Hire Ted!

1:05’16” What will be the next “oriented”?

Functional versus or combining services programming?

Low-code and no-code?

1:13’51” Conclusion

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