Disco API: Helping You To Find Any OpenJDK Distribution

Did you know Foojay is not only a human-readable OpenJDK knowledge base but also provides the Disco API that lets you search all OpenJDK distributions? And even if you didn’t know, you probably already are using it, as it’s integrated into SDKMAN!, JReleaser, JBang!, Gradle toolchain, Paketo buildpacks,and more.

The Disco API (i.e., the short name for the Universal OpenJDK Discovery API) is a database and API with all the available OpenJDK versions from all distributors, like Corretto, Liberica, Oracle, Temurin, Zulu, and many others. In total, there are now 89352 different packages at the end of August 2023.

Most of the tools described here are developed by Gerrit Grunwald (aka hansolo on Twitter/X and Mastodon). As they are all open source, you can review them and propose improvements.

Learn More About OpenJDK Versions and Distributions

The Devoxx UK presentation “Welcome to the Jungle” by Gerrit Grunwald, gives you a lot of insights into the many OpenJDK versions and distributions and how the Disco API provides all the related information.

Disco API


The Disco API is a Java project (of course…) you can find on GitHub. The sources link to a slideshow presentation with more details.

Rest Endpoints







These endpoints are fully documented in the README of the GitHub project and can be called directly from a Swagger UI.

Let’s look at a few examples.

Get All Maintained Major Versions

Every 6 months, we get a new version of Java, so we can expect 21 later in September. Via the API we can check all the major versions which are currently maintained.

curl -X ‘GET’
-H ‘accept: application/json’

This will return the following result, in which we can see that version 22 is already available as Early Access (EA).

“versions”: [
] },
“versions”: [

] },


Get Packages For Filter

The packages API provides a long list of filters. This examples searches for all the packages for:

Version 17

JDK only (not JRE)

With JavaFX bundled

AARCH64 architecture

For macOS

Available as dmg or pkg

curl -X ‘GET’
-H ‘accept: application/json’

This filter will return the following result:

“feature”:[] },


“message”:”4 package(s) found”


As mentioned in the introduction, the Disco API is integrated into many tools you may already be using. But there are even more!

IDE Plugins

There are several plugins and extensions available that already make use of the Disco API, and that can help you to get the JDK of your choice even faster.

IntelliJ Idea: DiscoIdea

Eclipse: DiscoEclipse

Visual Studio Code: DiscoVSC

Apache NetBeans (no plugin needed, the API is built into it)


JDKMon is another little tool written in JavaFX that tries to detect all JDKs installed on your machine and will inform you about new updates and vulnerabilities of each OpenJDK distribution it has found. In addition, JDKMon is also able to monitor JavaFX SDK versions that are installed on your machine. You can download the latest version from the GitHub repository.

GitHub Actions

To be able to use any OpenJDK distribution in a GitHub Action, you can’t use the well-known actions/setup-java@v2 as it only allows you to use the adopt, adopt-openj9, and zulu distributions. Thanks to foojay2020/setup-java@disco, that works with the same arguments, you can use all the distributions that are available in the Disco API.

– uses: actions/checkout@v1
– name: Set up JDK
uses: foojay2020/setup-java@disco
java-package: jdk
java-version: 11.0.10
distro: zulu
– name: Build with Maven
run: ./mvnw package

You can check all available combinations on the Disco Testing Matrix. It verifies JDK tests on various distros and versions using Github Actions.


Foojay wants to support the OpenJDK community not only with blogs, podcasts, command line options, and other readable content.

It also wants to make sure everyone has access to all the available distributions and versions.

Thanks to the Disco API this goal has been achieved and the integration of it in many tools is a crucial step that improves the developer experience in many ways.

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