Friends of OpenJDK at FOSDEM with Prizes

A great line up of known and less known OpenJDK users will be presenting new and unique content in the Friends of OpenJDK room at FOSDEM this weekend.

Check out the great program, there’s likely something for everyone, starting with new features in Java, including the hot topic of Java security, expanding out from Java to Kotlin and beyond, as well as several sessions around JavaFX and Java on the Web and beyond.

It’s a mixed bag from the very detailed to the very fun, and everything in between, all of them around 30 minutes in length, everything pre-recorded, with the speaker available during the session for Q&A and discussions afterwards.

Also… there is a quiz and cool prizes. Aside from the FOSDEM chat where you’ll be chatting with the speakers and each other, there’ll be a FOSDEM Foojay quiz running on the Foojay Slack, go here to sign up:

Once you’re in, you’ll find there’s a #fosdem22 channel, where after each session the speaker will put the next question in the quiz, based on something from the session. E.g., after a session focusing on Java 17, the question that the speaker might put in the channel could be: “What are the three key features of Java 17?”

Put the answers to as many questions as you can in an e-mail to and whoever has the most correct answers will be able to pick the prize of their choice first, whoever has the second most correct answers picks second, etc.

And what are the prizes? Here some of them, (an Oculus from Azul, Raspberry Pis from Open Liberty, a range of cool techy toys from OpenValue, and five one year Deep Netts licenses, amongst others), with more coming to be announced soon:

To get started, go here to sign up, and join the #fosdem22 channel:

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