NLJUG wint Duke’s Choice Award

Met gepaste trots willen we alle leden deelgenoot maken van het feit dat de NLJUG een Duke’s Choice Award heeft gewonnen!

Dit nieuws werd bekend gemaakt op de JavaOne conferentie in San Francisco en op de site Verder kwam Sharat Chander van Oracle de onderscheiding zelf uitreiken op het podium tijdens zijn keynote op J-Fall 2013. Hieronder de tekst zoals dit bekend werd gemaakt op JavaOne. 

Winners Demonstrate Diverse, Java-Powered Technologies to the Java Community at JavaOne San Francisco 2013.

In conjunction with JavaOne San Francisco 2013, Oracle and the Java Community are recognizing 11 organizations and developers as the winners of the 11th annual Duke’s Choice Awards for their creative and innovative uses of Java technology. The 11th annual Duke’s Choice Award winners were selected by a multi-part process. First, the Java community was asked to submit nominations to this year’s judges. Next, the judges selected nine Duke’s Choice Award winners and five candidates for the Community Choice Award. Finally, Community Choice Award nominees were posted on, and all members of the Java community were invited to vote for their favorite. This year’s Community Choice Award was received by two companies in a tie decision. The winners were JFrog for its Bintray social network for developers, and Contrast Security for its Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) security plug-in, Contrast.

The Dutch Java User Group

Last year’s Duke’s Choice Awards established a new tradition by presenting an award to a Java User Group (JUG) for the first time ever. This year’s JUG award goes to the Dutch Java User Group, an organization that has grown to gain a national reach throughout the Netherlands and whose J-Fall conference is the leading event of its kind for the Dutch-speaking community.