NLJUG Academy Masterclasses: Java Flight Recorder

It’s high time for another NLJUG Academy. Get ready to get to know all the ins-and-outs of the Java Flight Recorder (JFR)!

Learn why you should use the JFR too. Expect the background of the JFR, use cases, live coding and ask your questions directly to our experts!

Join us: Thursday the 17th of June, 2021, 15:00-17:00
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Powered by the NS (The Dutch Railways)

Vincent van der Zijden & Rick Roelofsen – Using JFR for performance tuning
Time to dive in the Java Flight Recorder! Using practical examples and real-world use cases Rick and Vincent will show everything you need to know to start using JFR and JMC for performance tuning today. Expect an overview of what the JFR offers you and how it works. Of course with plenty of hands-on coding!

Bio Vincent:
Vincent sets high bars when it comes to his tech life, which resulted in him graduating cum laude from his master’s degree in Software Engineering, while simultaneously working in the field. As a result of the latter, Vincent has 7 years of experience as a Java developer at only 27 years old. He thrives when he can share his passion for software and technology, by organizing tech sessions, workshops and webcasts.

Bio Rick:
Rick is a Java developer with 15 years of experience in Java development in various industries. He has always been a driving force for knowledge sharing within the departments where he works. Until the present day he has always grown into a leading position on the job, not because he was formally positioned in that role, but chosen by the team.

Miroslav Wengner – JFR: Under the hood
Java Flight Recorder is an event based tracing framework. It’s build directly into the Java runtime. JFR provides access to all internal data with additional custom enhancements. The goal of the presentation is to explain why JFR has low overhead (cca 1%), explain fundamental elements and the performance. We briefly explore the data visualizations and Agent for example. We learn how to get JFR binaries and we learn about upcoming release 8.1

Bio Miroslav:
Miro is an engineer and architect with passion for a resilient distributed systems and a product quality. He is a co-author and contributor to the Robo4J project (reactive soft real-time framework for robotics/IoT). Miro contributes to OpenJDK, Java Mission Control Project and is involved in other open-source technologies. Miro helps developers to create a resilient and extendable solutions. Miro has been selected to Java Champions Program and recognized as JavaOne Rockstar.

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