Java Magazine #2 2023: NLJUG 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

This year, it’s our 20th anniversary. And when it’s your birthday, you celebrate it with the ones you cherish. So come and join us at TEQnation (May 17th), J-Spring (June 21st) and J-Fall (November 9th)!

Furthermore, for most of us things change around our 20th birthday. It’s the same for the NLJUG. No no, don’t worry, no bad things, only good ones. We’ve introduced three new membership tiers: Base, Core, and Key. In a nutshell, our new tiers offer a range of benefits at different price points, making it easier than ever to choose the membership that fits your needs. As a regular member nothing changes for you, but would you like to know about the perks of upgrading to a higher level? Take a look at page number 42.

This year, twenty is not only a special number for a us. Because Java 20 has been released, which brings new and resubmitted Incubator and Preview features. Take a look at our Java version summary at page 10 to see what’s it all about. In this Java Magazine edition we’ll touch upon various other subjects, such as: Integration tests with IntelliJ HTTP-client, co-creation between UX and software, migrating with OpenRewrite, Automating tests with Robot framework and more.

As you might’ve noticed, we are publishing more and more English written articles (don’t worry, Dutch articles are also welcome ). So, do you have experience with a fun or interesting Java related tool and would you like to share your knowhow? Don’t hesitate and reach out to us via Even if it’s your very first article. No worries, we would love to coach you!

Check out our Java Magazine #2 2023 right here:

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