J-Fall 2022 Top rated sessions and Aftermovie!

Last month the biggest Java Conference of the Netherlands took place in Pathé Ede: J-Fall. With 1.800 NLJUG members it was once again a great success!

Of course, we hope you were there. But if you weren’t, don’t worry! You will be able to (re)watch the sessions soon on the NLJUG YouTube channel. But in the meantime, you can already browse through the J-Fall photos to relive the feeling of J-Fall 2022. But moving pictures captured the event much better, so please enjoy the J-Fall 2022 Aftermovie!

But that’s not all. A big thank you to everyone who was at J-Fall and voted on the sessions because those ratings give us very meaningful insights which allows us to keep improving our events.

Without further ado, congratulations to the J-Fall 2022 top 10 speakers!

  1. Urs Peter – Event-Driven Microservices – Microservices Done Right
  2. Venkat Subramaniam – Design Patterns in the Light of Lambda Expressions
  3. Berwout de Vries Robles – HTTP/3 and Reactive Streaming
  4. Nataliia Dziubenko – I built my own JVM language. Here’s why and how
  5. Frank Delporte – Building Smart Devices using Java on the RaspberryPi – An intro to Pi4J.
  6. Venkat Subramaniam – The Art of Simplicity
  7. Hubert Klein Ikkink – Spice Up Asciidoctor Documentation With Java
  8. Tim van Baarsen – Spring Kafka beyond the basics – Lessons learned on our Kafka journey at ING Bank
  9. Lennart ten Wolde – Spring Boot 3 / Spring 6: What’s new?
  10. Hanno Embregts & Peter Wessels – Pattern Matching: Small Enhancement or Major Feature?

As stated above, you can rewatch these top sessions soon!

We are super grateful we could organize this beautiful event in these hard times and we appreciate everyone who made it happen, from the speakers and partners to the venue and of course… YOU!