Timefold Forks OptaPlanner: Open Source Solver in Java

OptaPlanner is an Open Source project used globally to optimize operational planning. Every day, it saves thousands of organizations time, money and resources.

Today, OptaPlanner is entering a new chapter.

The project I created and worked on for seventeen years has matured under Red Hat’s wings for the past ten years. Last year, when Red Hat’s strategy changed, it became apparent that the project needed a new, sustainable future. Therefore, we founded a company around it. A company that lives and breathes planning optimization, to further nurture the Open Source project to its fullest potential, under a new name. Timefold is the continuation of OptaPlanner.

Timefold Community Edition is an Apache-licensed Open Source solver for operational planning optimization. It’s a fork of OptaPlanner, and it is already faster, lighter and better documented than OptaPlanner. And that’s just the beginning! Upgrade from OptaPlanner to Timefold today.

The Timefold project is supported by Timefold BV, a professional Open Source company founded by Maarten Vandenbroucke (CEO) and Geoffrey De Smet (the OptaPlanner creator, CTO), with funding from Smartfin, an Open Source minded VC that fully supports our vision. We sell an Enterprise subscription with professional support and high-scalability features, to pay for the continued development of the free Open Source project.

Our mission is to free the world from wasteful scheduling. Our vision is to make Planning Optimization easy to use and simple to build.

Timefold is committed to being the world’s most powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use planning optimization solver. We combine our advanced AI solver algorithms with constraint models written in Java, Python or Kotlin to be our main differentiator from other solvers. We remain Open Source which ensures a no-barrier entry for every team that wants to start using Timefold. We are hiring the brightest and most creative engineers to explore how we can make planning optimization even more accessible!

For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions about the fork.

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