JUG PH: Java User Group PH Revitalization Report 2023

The Java User Group Philippines (JUG PH) held its revitalized meetup group last April 11 with the support of PinoyJUG by O & B Philippines, the Foojay.io community, and Azul.

A three hour lunch and learn session was done with activities and prizes.

How did the revitalization start?

The revitalization started last January 2023 when Geertjan Wielenga connected the Java User Group PH Facebook page together with the Philippine JUG Leaders and Java Enthusiasts.

The discussion comprises the date, venue, food and beverage and swags.

The budget of the event will not be possible without the help of Ning Lim of Azul Singapore and JUG Leader and volunteers of Java User Group PH.

The Event

Preparation of the event

The preparation started last March in Makati, Philippines to conduct a mock presentation and check of devices to be used in the event.

This was led by the amazing training and event coordinators of O & B Philippines.

We created a meetup group for our joiners to RSVP to this event.

The Foojay.io Twitter community helped us to cascade events.

Before the talk

The meetup was a hybrid event where the virtual option was held in Zoom. We had a last run of preparations to make sure that all devices are working and expectations are met.

The event started at 10:45 AM GMT+8 and we already opened the door (for onsite attendees) and started the Zoom conference call. We started preparing the food and beverages for a quick lunch after the talk.

Before Simon proceeded with his talk, I first introduced the Java User Group PH and the PinoyJUG by Calen Legaspi.

What is New in Java by Simon Ritter

The talk given by Simon Ritter encompasses the new features of Java starting from JDK 12 to JDK 20.

It was a session full of learning for our Java enthusiasts and developers.

It was an hour of talk starting from 11-ish in the morning up to noon.

The presentation slide is available in JUG PH GitHub repository.

After the talk

The last thing that all attendees want before the speaker leaves is to have a picture.

It was a nice experience that Java enthusiasts come together again to have a learning session.

Including an opportunity to have a selfie with Simon.

Also, the JUG PH and PinoyJUG leaders who organized the event had a picture too (missing Kerby Martino).

Swags and Lunch

We gave lunch to our attendees which consist of European, Chinese, Filipino and Vegetarian dishes.

The swags given to our attendees are stickers and t-shirts with logos of JUG PH, PinoyJUG and Foojay.

Thanks to..

I would like to thank the O & B Philippines specifically Calen Legaspi and Adam Breen for the venue. Dane Villaceran and Janette Barra for helping us organize the event.

I would like to thank the JUG PH volunteers including Kerby Martino for discussing what will be the plan for the Java Community effort and Jansen Ang for helping create the website and stickers.

Till the next meetup

In the above statements we presented what happened in the revitalized Java User Group event, including what we learned and the preparations we did.

There’s so much to talk about Java and the Philippines having a great number of Java Developers is a good spot to have a continuous Meetup event.

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