JavaFX Links of December

If anyone needs a reminder Java and JavaFX are “alive and kicking”, you can not only check out, but also the list below.

Although I’m trying to get of Twitter – for my own mental health – I’m still being flooded with amazing content.

Here is the result of the #LinksOfTheWeek that were published on in December!


In the Bootiful Podcast “Java Champion, legendary engineer, and author Trisha Gee”, Josh Long talks with Trisha Gee about a lot of topics, including JavaFX.
Here on, we published the podcast “The State of JavaFX Framework, Libraries, and Projects”. These guests spoke about the JavaFX framework itself, but also about the libraries and applications that are built with it: Pedro Duque Vieira, Sean Phillips, Johan Vos, Gail Anderson, Dirk Lemmermann, host: Frank Delporte.

Various News

In an interview, Frank Delporte spoke with Sean Phillips. Every single thing he touches in his programming life turns into awesomeness. Read more about his work with Trinity, a tool to visualize Brain Computer Interface data.
On Wednesday, 7th of December 2022, the annual JavaFX user meeting “JFX Adopters Meeting 2022” hosted by ZEISS as online event took place. Registration page.
Dirk Lemmermann shared a few Tweets with ongoing work:

Started work on a new layout container called “MatrixPane” based on GridPane and a list of “Tiles”, each tile carrying col, row, spans, grow priorities, and a node.
Further improvements of the notification control to support pinned notifications. It will be in GemsFX very soon.

Shared by Johan Vos:

A major refactory/simplification on how JavaFX deals with windows and window managers on Linux is making progress. See this pull request. All credits should go to Thiago Sayão!
Maybe it’s time to think about moving JavaFX development to a foundation, and have it developed in a vendor-neutral environment, where contributors are highly respected. That would require commitments from the industries that use JavaFX of course.”

Timo Reusch shared a post in which he describes how you can use Sass to generate CSS for JavaFX.
Eduardo Ramos tweeted about CapillaryScope, a free desktop application designed for doing nailfold capillaroscopy with your favourite USB microscope.
Sean Gilligan got triggered by a tweet by Johan Vos about webcam support for OpenJDK/JavaFX. He has some ideas and prototype. Read the thread here.

Follow-up messages showing he is making progress….

Strange things are happening in the online social world… Looking for a friendly environment for the Java, JavaFX, OpenJDK, JVM, Kotlin,… community? Join, more info in this post, including a video to get you started.
Donald Raab is searching for a JavaFX App Store….
Antonio Pelusi shared a complete CSS stylesheet to set a dark theme in your JavaFX UI.
Alessio Vinerbi keeps teasing us with his visual modeler application…

Intergration of Medusa Gauges, a library by Gerrit Grunwald.
Having fun with the canvas.

Matt Coley shared an impressive video of Code2HTML with a new UI with docking tabs.
Are you considering to write a JavaFX Mastodon client? Take a look at the Bigbone project, that aims to implement the Mastodon API project, by André Gasser.
JavaFX applications shared on Twitter:

Keebox by @fujohnwang
GPT-FX by @deskriders_twt: quick access to GPT-3 with ChatGPT like interface that remembers the context and stores the chat history. JavaFX + Kotlin.
FXTools by @LeeWyatt_7788: many tools, such as image tools, which support the generation of icons for various OS; multi-image cutting function supports iOS, Android, PC; image format conversion.
A friend of @LeeWyatt_7788 was interested in FXGL and made a demo of the game Plants vs. Zombies.

Learning JavaFX

Donald Raab shared a series of posts:

Part 1: Building his very first JavaFX application with IntelliJ IDEA
Part 2: Java Records, DatePicker, and TableView components in JavaFX.
Part 3: “Experimenting with Java enums, emojis, and ComboBox in JavaFX”
Part 4: “Using the Jackson library to persist my JavaFX ToDo List to JSON”
Conclusion: overview of his experiments with JavaFX.


A few weeks ago we shared this video showing a Space Invaders game by Charles T. (A Bit’s Odyssey), but Gerrit Grunwald also created a JavaFX version of this classic game! The video is here and the sources are shared on GitHub.

JavaFX Job

Dirk Lemmermann is looking to hire a JavaFX developer in Switzerland for his startup in the energy business.

New content on

“QFive”: an e-learning platform for enterprise customers, running on desktop, browser and mobile.
“NERstar”: a cross-platform media application, used to create subtitles for live television, running on desktop and browser.
“ModellusX”: enables students and teachers to use mathematics to create or explore models interactively. The latest release dates from 2012, but you can still find a lot of videos created with it on YouTube.
Over 40 “real world apps” is now listed on the website!

New Releases

PDFsam released the first milestone of PDFsam Basic 5, more details are available here.
Mapton, “some kind of map application”, announced a new release for Windows & Linux, built on NetBeans 16 Platform, bundled with Java & JavaFX from Azul. You can get it here.
17.1.27 of JavaFX Charts by Gerrit Grunwald with a new CubeChart and other changes.
1.54.0 of GemsFX by Dirk Lemmermann with several important fixes regarding layout issues for the new notification controls.
2022.1.8 of JPro adds support for Node.viewOrder and includes various bugfixes and minor improvements.
17.0.41 of JDKMon by Gerrit Grunwald added the ability to manually download builds of GraalVM incl. #gluon, #mandrel and #liberican. JDKMon is a little tool written that tries to detect all JDK’s installed on your machine and will inform you about new updates of each OpenJDK distribution found.
1.6.2 of Serendipity: improved suggestions and new image types.
v5.8 of JabRef: open-source, cross-platform citation and reference management tool, more info in our “Real World Apps” section.
v4 of jDeploy by Steve Hannah: JavaFX app template that provides native installers that receive auto-updates to stay in-sync with the latest source changes. See the GitHub project.

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