JavaFX Links of April 2023

JavaFX Core

Gluon announced JavaFX update releases: 20.0.1 (latest release), 17.0.7 (latest LTS), and for Gluon LTS customers 11.0.19.
In this video with Kevin Rushforth he talks about JavaFX 20 and beyond.

Dirk Lemmermann tweeted some of the highlights like RichTextArea, ideas for future releases,…
The Notebook demo is looking really nice to learn JavaFX in an easy way.


As announced a few weeks ago, Sean Phillips was one of the keynote speakers at DevNexus in Atlanta. And his talk did not go unnoticed…

Ixchel Ruiz: “Blowing the ceiling of technology, passion, visualization”
Johan Vos: “Innovation by and for devs/humans. Great to see all of this coming together”
Vincent Mayers: “It’s clear that JavaFX is AMAZING! Thank you GluonHQ and Johan Vos for all your work and support for this”
And many more…
The intro animation of his talk was shared on Reddit and shows the creators of the libraries used in his application as if they are trapped in the Matrix…

Building apps

CodeDead shared a GitHub Actions workflow for the people that are using JDK 20, Gradle and JavaFX 20 on Reddit to test, build and package your JavaFX application on Windows, Linux and macOS when creating a pull request on either the main/master or development branches of your GIT project.

JavaFX Scene Builder

Version 20 is about ready. Feel free to test the latest snapshots and report blocking issues.
Chad Preisler shared a video on how to use GemsFX in Scene Builder.

Bumped to Java and JavaFX 20:

LibHEIF 1.2.3
JabRef with speed improvements on macOS
Opal v1.1.0
LibrawFX 1.8.4

Regular guests


Found a performance problem in his 3D engine, thanks to Almas Baim and VisualVM.
Added transparent blocks to his 3D engine.
Is creating a chess game and shares the code on GitHub. You can play chess in LAN (Java sockets) and export a game to FEN and PGN.

Almas Baim

Adding hex support for tiled .tmx maps to FXGL.
Playing with a cat and PixelBuffer on April 1st.
FXGL is also catching the Stable Diffusion train.
Combining a black hole with a rasengan.
Messing around with a TextArea and physics.
Taking the term “physically based rendering” to a whole new level
Shared a video showing a game with many subtle visual effects. Go fullscreen to see all details!
And he is also trying to hypnotize you….

Gerrit Grunwald

Created a PoincarePlots while being on a plane and added it to version 17.1.35 of his charts library.


Tobias Briones is using math to draw flowers.

And in an oher tweet it’s not a bird, not a cat: It’s the bird cat!

Cédric Champeau is working on an astronomy toy project: a collection of libraries and applications for astronomy image processing in Java.

A blog post with more info and screenshots and video demos is available.

Mariusz Materna announced a new version of LogViewFX, a desktop application that makes viewing logs easier.
Artur Skowronski asked for RSS for this LinksOfTheWeek, and it will be available soon
CodeDead is rebuilding a .NET desktop application to improve the performance and make it cross-platform.
Malik happily shared his first JavaFX application.
Smith Ayo is creating an Oware game.
Bruno Borges is looking into his crystal ball for 2024: “Oracle announces FxWeb, a framework for building WebAssembly UI with JavaFX, so you can code Java in both client and server side.”
Christopher Schnick is enhancing the gameplay experience of Paradox Grand Strategy games with JavaFX through the Pdx-Unlimiter and releases it with JReleaser.
Pedro Duque Vieira shared a testimonial of Fortune 500 company choosing for Java and JavaFX (place 171) with headquarters in New York, a world leader in its sector.
On Reddit a video with 2D and 3D Pacman was published.
siedlerchr shared a link to an excellent article explaining the concepts of Bindings, it’s from 2020 but still very valid.
Jeannot Muller wrote about “JavaFX or Swing in 2023”.


New content: X-Pipe: a flexible connection manager and remote file explorer.
Coding for version 2 of the jfx-central has started, check the Twitter thread if you want to join the development team.

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