Generative AI and Java – hype or urgent reality?

It’s hard to grasp that it’s been about a year since Chat GPT and other generative AI tools burst onto the scene. We’re all still grappling with, well, everything about them. Whatever equilibrium we eventually find, it’s clear that the world is changing. The whole world mind, not just the IT industry.

Olimpiu Pop and I have debated the situation multiple times, and we realised that there’s lots of rumour around AI and Java but not much in the way of fact.

We do know that:

There are some cool new tools out there
We use some of them ourselves!
We hear others asking about which tools to use
Businesses are desperate to find ways to adopt AI ahead of the competition

What we dont know:

Sonatype ran a AI survey recently and the results indicated that almost 100% of businesses have adopted Generative AI in some form.

But what does the tools landscape really look like? What are businesses asking Java devs around AI integration / adoption. What do we all think of this – is it hype or reality?

AI isn’t going away thats for sure. This blog entry isn’t about answering the initial question – it’s a request of you, reader, to share your experiences and facts ..

Whether you’re integrating AI into Java, outlining business needs, or just AI-curious, your experiences are invaluable.

Here’s what to share:

Experiences: Triumphs or challenges with Java and AI.
Business Needs: Desired AI features for your Java projects.
Curiosities: Any aspect of AI that excites or puzzles you.

Where ? the “AI and Java” channel on Foojays slack.

See you there..

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