Foojay Podcast #8: JUG World Tour: Manchester

With this Foojay Podcast, we introduce a new topic: once per month, we will virtually travel to a Java User Group (JUG) to learn how they organize their events and learn from their experiences.

For this first Foojay JUG Podcast, we are flying to Manchester in the UK!


Jonathan Bullock (@jonbullock, Ebbitt (@nickebbitt)

Podcast host

Frank Delporte (@frankdelporte,



00’00 Short intro and music00’15 Introduction about the topic of this podcast00’24 Introduction of the guests and host00’50 How the Manchester JUG started and Nick and Jonathan joined as organizers03’50 How many JUG sessions are organized04’22 About the Manchester JUG community and how many people join sessions07’30 The most remarkable sessions and speakers (Josh Long and Venkat)09’33 Attracting new speakers 12’40 Pre and Post Covid and virtual sessions15’15 Attracting local speakers16’58 Learn about new technologies and core Java at a JUG or conference22’43 About diversity 25’05 Locations where the JUGs are organized26’44 How much effort is needed to manage a JUG29’50 Where you can find the Manchester JUG 30’20 Other activities (unconference, 10-year anniversary, jmanc)35’46 Practical organization approach 37’55 Cooperation with other JUGs39’28 Conclusion

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