Foojay Podcast #45: Welcome to Java 22

Last September, we got Java 21, a Long Term Support (LTS) version with eight new big features and seven incubator or preview features.

Does Java 22 also bring that much innovation, or is it just a bug-fix release?

And what needs to be done to get such a release published on time? Let’s find out…


Podcast (audio only)


Loïc Mathieu  

Simon Ritter  

Podcast Host: Frank Delporte


00:00 Introduction of the topic and guests 
00:52 Highlights of Java 22 
01:43 How the 6-month release cycle is achieved 
04:14 How to follow changes in OpenJDK

All mailing lists: 

07:43 New features (JEPs) in Java 22

08:33 JEP 423: Region Pinning for G1

10:37 JEP 454: Foreign Function & Memory API

15:43 JEP 456: Unnamed Variables & Patterns

20:33 JEP 458: Launch Multi-File Source-Code Programs

24:15 Incubator and preview features 
25:00 JEP 461: Stream Gatherers (Preview)

28:53 JEP 447: Statements before super(…) (Preview)

32:02 JEP 460: Vector API (Seventh Incubator)

35:29 Difference between incubator and preview feature

36:53 Who decides what will be in Java 23?

JEP 455: Primitive Types in Patterns, instanceof, and switch (Preview)

37:28 JEPs grouped per project 

Project Amber, – JEPs 463, 459, 456, 447 

Project Loom, – JEPs 464, 462 

Project Panama, – JEPs 460, 454 

38:47 How Loïc creates his blog posts about new Java features

41:54 Over 3000 Jira issues handled in Java 22 
42:32 Should we update all our production runtimes? 
47:10 JEP 463: Implicitly Declared Classes and Instance Main Methods (Second Preview)

49:38 JEP 462: Structured Concurrency (Second Preview)

52:10 Conclusion 


Barbershop John

Hermine Deurloo

Synapse by Shane Ivers –  

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