Foojay Podcast #41: Web Development with Java

When starting to build a new website, you are facing a major challenge. Which framework should you use? Angular, React, Vue, Svelte? They are all based on JavaScript and can be the right choice depending on your needs.

But… do you really need one of these frameworks? Why would you not just stick to Java and use one of the many great libraries that are available for it?


Podcast (audio only)


Martijn Dashorst

Marcus Hellberg  


Host: Frank Delporte




Thymeleaf / htmx 


00:00 Introduction of the topic and guests
01:37 About Apache Wicket
03:26 About Vaadin
06:37 How these frameworks exchange data between server and client
09:38 Comparing to Thymeleaf
11:16 About htmx 
14:42 How the Apache Foundation works  
19:20 License model of Vaadin
21:26 Wicket and Vaadin “in the wild”  
26:03 Java developers can build full web applications with only Java without being full-stack
27:47 Could JavaFX become a web-development framework?
29:35 About WebComponents
32:14 How the company Vaadin is making money from opensource
34:31 The future of Wicket, htmx, Vaadin,…
39:55 Which kind of project to build with Wicket or Vaadin
46:18 Links  
48:54 Searching Vaadin docs with AI 
51:21 Conclusions


Barbershop John

Hermine Deurloo

Synapse by Shane Ivers –  

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