Foojay Podcast #39: Java Dominicano

Once a month in this podcast, we talk about the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it.

Today, we are traveling to the Dominican Republic to learn more about the country and its Java community.


Podcast (audio only)


Brayan Muñoz Vargas

Eudris Cabrera Rodriguez 


Host: Frank Delporte


00:00 Introduction
01:10 About the Dominican Republic
02:02 About JavaDominica
04:43 Cooperation with other Caribbean and Latin-American JUGs
06:16 Spanish as the main language
07:13 Gender mix of the community
08:05 Java education in Dominican Republic
11:16 About JConf Domonica

15:40 Java in Education Community Award

20:11 Best and worst JUG session
22:26 Personal motivation to be part of the organisation
25:06 Java career opportunities
27:47 Plans for the future
30:13 How to get in contact

32:33 Invitation to publish on Foojay

33:12 Outro

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