Foojay Podcast #38: Java in the Cloud

Java was born in 1995, when the internet as we know it today didn’t exist yet.

Cloud servers, Docker, Kubernetes, distributed systems, scaling up and down… these things are now part of our daily job, but Java wasn’t originally designed for it.

In this episode, we want to learn if the recent evolutions in OpenJDK, and ongoing related projects, will make Java a full Cloud member.


Podcast (audio only)


Grace Jansen

Mark Heckler

Guillaume Laforge


Host: Frank Delporte


00:00 Introduction of the topic and guests
04:10 How much Java is running in the cloud?
08:04 How Java is growing as a cloud programming language
10:30 Java is secure thanks to the updates every 3 months
12:02 Features in new versions towards the cloud
13:01 Finding the right cloud cost balance
18:38 Measuring energy usage to know your ecological impact
23:27 Developers also need to monitor the cloud cost
25:14 We all make mistakes and have unused cloud services
27:44 Project duration on-premise versus cloud
30:48 Evolutions in Java towards the cloud
32:40 Project CRaC and InstantOn

34:36 How the community pushes Java forward

37:24 Frameworks supporting cloud improvements
40:44 New and shiny is not always the best
44:35 How to fix problems in a cloud environment

51:15 Microservices versus Monolith

Chasing the ball:

55:40 Some final thoughts about AI
58:26 Outro

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