Foojay Podcast #34: J-Fall Report, Part 2

On November 9th, we had several interviews with the speakers and guests at the J-Fall conference in the Netherlands.

Last week, in episode 33 of the Foojay Podcast, you could hear discussions about the evolution of Java towards the Cloud and sustainability.

In this part, we will touch on various topics related to the developers’ lives.

Video Report

Podcast (audio only)


00:00 Introduction

00:45 Elien Callens and Tom Cools: Leaving a Legacy

06:07 Louëlla Creemers: Burn out, C# versus Java

11:25 Willem Cheizoo: IKEA effect

15:06 Tim te Beek: OpenRewrite

20:10 Elvira van der Ven: Java in Education

23:17 Lutske de Leeuw: Machine Learning

29:00 Roy Wasse: Certification and job interviews

32:53 Outro


Frank Delporte: Introduction


Barbershop John

Hermine Deurloo

Synapse by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermans

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