Foojay Podcast #30: UtrechtJUG

On September 12th, I was invited to speak at the Utrecht JUG together with Hanno Embrechts.

That was an ideal moment to grab my camera and microphones to interview the organisers and some of the guests.

So, this is a bit of a special edition of the Foojay Podcast as it’s also available with video!

An experiment that brought me great pleasure. I hope you like it too!

So… let’s time travel and get back to Utrecht when I got the organizers before the camera just minutes before the first guests arrived!

With video



Michel van Dongen

Willem van de Griendt

Elias Nogueira

Gerard Meijwaard

Hanno Embregts


Host: Frank Delporte



00:00 Intro
00:45 Michel van Dongen about the history and organisation of UtrechtJUG
03:10 Impact of Covid and meeting in person
04:24 Motivation to organise a JUG
05:57 Relationship with NLJUG and other Dutch JUGs
07:18 Willem van de Griendt about his role in UtrechtJUG
08:23 Why Willem loves the Java community
09:40 What to learn from JUG events
10:56 Future plans for UtrechtJUG
12:05 Guests are arriving
12:18 Interview with guest, Elias Nogueira
13:27 Interview with guest, Gerard Meijwaard
14:40 Introduction of Hanno Embregts
16:01 About speaking at JUGs and conferences
16:47 Being editor of the NLJUG Java Magazine
18:11 Hanno on stage
18:30 Outro

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