Foojay Podcast #29: How will AI and ML Influence the Role of Developers?

Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT are the talk of the town.

Every conference has several talks about these technologies, and on Foojay, you can find multiple posts about it.

In this podcast, we want to take a look at it from the Java point of view.

How can we use AI in Java programs or our job as a developer?


Zoran Sevarac

Frank Greco

Roni Dover


Host: Frank Delporte


00:00 Intro and introduction of the guests
02:31 Difference between AI, ML, DL, CV,…
06:30 How ChatGPT and LLMs works
07:50 AI with Java and DeepNetts
10:42 NYJavaSIG and how AI and ML are influencing the content
13:06 LLM is pattern matching, not a search tool
13:41 Java developers want to develop this with Java
15:03 Foojay articles about Java, AI, and DeepNetts
17:40 Java Specification Request 381: Visual Recognition Specification
21:51 How Digma is using is AI
28:07 Will generated code be harder to debug?
32:29 Why companies don’t allow ChatGPT
34:53 Using these tools correctly (and locally?)
44:07 This is just the start of the evolution
48:05 What will AI bring to Java developers?
50:59 Involve other industries in the AI revolution
54:44 Machines don’t have emotions…
55:29 Conclusion

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