Foojay Podcast #27: Chicago JUG and KUG

Since December last year, the Foojay podcast virtually visited a Java User Group monthly.

This journey has already brought us to many places around the world.

And this time, we are in Chicago to learn from the Java and Kotlin user groups.


Mary Grygleski

John Burns


Host: Frank Delporte


Chicago JUG

Chicago Kotlin 

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00:00 Intro and introduction of the guests
02:08 How Mary and John got into Java, Kotlin and user groups
06:55 History of the Chicago JUG
08:43 How Chicago switched from dotnet to Java in 2010’s
09:09 How Chicago JUG and KUG cooperate
13:04 Size of the communities
13:55 Impact of Covid and working-from-home
18:20 About streaming the event versus in-person
19:47 How to attract new visitors
23:00 Personal benefit of being part of a community
27:39 Speaking at conferences around the world
31:41 Most remarkable sessions
38:25 Outro

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