Foojay Podcast 26: The Future of Source Control and CI/CD

As developers, we like to automate the boring parts of our job. This automation includes the source control system, build pipelines, and code analysis tools.

In recent decades, we have seen evolutions from CVS to Subversion to Git. Is this the endpoint? Did we find the holy grail in version control? Or what evolutions are waiting for us?

Let’s find out together with these fantastic guests…

This is the final episode of season 2 of the Foojay Podcast. See you in September for the start of our new season with more JUGs, the launch of Java 21, and much more!


Trisha Gee (Gradle)


Ixchel Ruiz (JFrog)


Pierre-Étienne Meunier (Pijul)


Host: Hanno Embregts


Production: Frank Delporte



00’00 Intro and introduction of the guests and host

04’15 Should we automate as much as possible to be able to focus on developing

06’33 The human factor of developer productivity engineering (DPE)

Free book:  

10’23 PEs view on automation and how changes in law books follow the same approach as “code diffs”

17’02 How you can struggle with your version control system 

26’33 How Pijul tries to solve these challenges 

33’24 Patches versus branches versus trunk-based development and how to switch from branch-approach

44’09 What could be improved to version control systems 

50’16 Why are still so many people using Git

01h02’02 Looking 10 years into the future

01h13’30 Outro

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