Foojay Podcast #25: Game Development with Java, JavaFX, and FXGL

Java and JavaFX are probably not the first options you consider if you want to create a game application.

But the FXGL library allows you to do precisely that! Create games that run on all platforms with the same codebase as we are used to with Java.

And even without an extra library, the JavaFX Components and Canvas provide many animation and gaming possibilities.

Let’s learn from experts why Java should be on your game-development-language-list!


Chengen Zhao

Steam game created with JavaFX: Xtrike

Almas Baim

Gerrit Grunwald


Frank Delporte


00’00 Intro and introduction of the guests

04’00 About FXGL  

08’48 How Chengen used FXGL to improve his Xtrike game

10’15 Combining 2D and 3D

11’20 The fascination of Gerrit for retro games

13’36 JavaFX components versus Canvas

19’09 Creating games while waiting in airports…

22’19 Convert to mobile and Steam apps

23’22 Question of Chengen if FXGL can extend view components 

24’58 How students are involved in the FXGL project

29’53 Why FXGL has a mix of Java and Kotlin

32’22 Building for mobile and the hassle with the app stores… 

38’58 3D in JavaFX

44’14 Status of Swing

47’13 About the Java community in China

49’23 Could a drag-and-drop animation tool be created for FXGL? 

51’13 Use JavaFX FXML markup files? And can SceneBuilder provide a code-only approach?

55’34 Conclusion

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