Foojay Podcast #22: When Profession and Fun Overlap

Let’s talk about programming for fun. Grab your Lego and robots, and let’s talk about STEM and STEAM!

As a developer, we all get frustrated occasionally when a bug messes up our schedule, and we have to dive deep into the code to find a solution.

But still, many of us keep coding in our free time as we love to do it and want to create amazing stuff.

In this episode of the Foojay Podcast, we talk to volunteers from different organizations where coding is used to inspire children to become engineers or at least learn to make good use of computers and the tools around them.


Jeanne Boyarsky

Twitter @jeanneboyarsky

Mastodon @jeanneboyarsky

Monica Beckwith

Twitter @mon_beck

Igor De Souza

Twitter @Igfasouza

Podcast host

Frank Delporte

Mastodon @frankdelporte

Twitter @FrankDelporte


00’00 Intro

00’43 Introduction of the guests

03’00 What is First?

First Inspires

FRC Robot reveal

FLL Events

Televic Smarties at FLL

06’43 What is CoderDojo?

07’46 Impact on your career by volunteering

09’00 Impact of these organizations on STEM education


14’00 The rule of three

Code Chica

16’48 Girls-only events 

24’13 What we learn from volunteering for our job


28’16 Technology that can inspire the most



36’09 Participants becoming coach

37’58 Java on small platforms like Raspberry Pi

LCD Display




Book #JavaOnRaspberryPi

43’39 Java in education

47’15 STEM versus STEAM

Nervous Jessica

53’37 Other interesting STEAM topics

Coolest Projects

Formula Pi

Pi Wars

Astro Pi

First Inspires


Documentation drive of CoderDojo Belgium

Microsoft TEALS

59’45 Outro

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