Foojay Podcast #18: Atlanta JUG and DevNexus

The Foojay Podcast Java User Group World Tour has already brought us to the UK, US, Dubai, and Japan.

Today we travel back to the US to learn more about the Atlanta JUG, mainly because this week, they are organizing the DevNexus conference!

Let’s learn about the challenges of organizing both a Java User Group and an entire conference…


Pratik Patel 

Lead Dev Rel at Azul

Vincent Mayers 

Dev Community at Gradle

Podcast host

Frank Delporte 


Atlanta JUG


4-6th of April 2023, Atlanta US 


00’00 Intro

 00’36 Introduction of the guests

01’37 How the Atlanta JUG started


03’17 Why the guests joined the Atlanta JUG and became organizers

 04’39 Impact of Covid

 05’39 Venue is a hotel or co-working space

06’34 Atlanta JUG is a US non-profit

 10’22 Other people involved in the organization

 12’27 Number of JUG visitors

 14’04 Most remarkable sessions

16’35 Starting a JUG is “just do it”, a formal structure is not a requirement, and how to find speakers

20’53 About DevNexus, how it started, the many tracks,… 

 42’17 Who is visiting DevNexus and Atlanta JUG

 52’16 Outro

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