Foojay Podcast #17: Execute Java Code with TornadoVM on CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs

TornadoVM is a programming and execution framework for offloading and running JVM applications on multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

With the same code, some of your existing program code can be executed hundreds of times faster!

Juan Fumero, TornadoVM Lead Architect

Christos Kotselidis, TornadoVM Project Leader

Thanos Stratikopoulos, TornadoVM Senior Solutions Architect

Jakob Jenkov


Host: Erik Costlow

Production: Frank Delporte


00’00 Intro

00’36 Introduction of the guests

04’26 What is TornadoVM?

05’54 How applications can make use of the acceleration provided by TornadoVM

11’48 The difference between CPU threads and GPU instruction chain

13’42 Possible use cases for TornadoVM

15’23 Results on Apple M1

17’19 Can TornadoVM be used in cloud environments

21’18 How to use the API 

24’41 Jakobs view of what would be a good match between TornadoVM and cloud usage on AWS Lambdas

AWS GPU and CPU capabilities: 

30’54 The complexity of GPU and FPGA programming languages and handling the differences between different architectures of GPUs, CPUs, and FPGAs 

40’28 How TornadoVM could be used to heat up buildings, help to reduce the total cloud cost for companies, and run ChatGPT

43’30 Relationship between project Panama and TornadoVM

48’10 How to get started with TornadoVM

54’41 Outro

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