Foojay Podcast #16: Welcome to Java 20!

Since 2018, we get a new version of Java every 6 months.

Some are long-term supported versions that can be used for many years, while others are only maintained for a short time. Version 20 is such a short-term supported version.

So, what new features does this version bring? And why should we use it? And what can we expect from the next version, 21, in September that will be a long-term supported version?

Let’s find out and learn more about the process of the OpenJDK evolution!


Simon Ritter

Miro Wengner

Podcast host

Frank Delporte


00’00 Intro

00’40 Introduction of the guests

02’03 What new features does Java 20 bring? 

03’46 What are preview and incubator features

07’16 Other changes in Java 20 and when we can expect them to be “finished” 

10’01 Will all preview and incubator work get into a next version?

11’12 How OpenJDK evolves and new features are integrated

13’25 About Miro’s book

15’28 About the module system

17’25 References from Miro’s book to the OpenJDK code

20’41 Don’t implement yourself what already exists

25’51 The importance of the approach how you program

28’26 Thread improvements in Java 20

29’24 Why you should use Java 20 as a developer

30’22 Java 20 is a full stable release with the same quality as all other releases

31’11 How other new features will be included in Java 21

32’52 Phases of a release process

34’02 Updates in the JEPs related to Java 20 (when when when)

39’48 Outro

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