Foojay Podcast #14: Debugging Tools and Skills for Fun and Profit

Let’s talk about debugging and observability.

We work with debugging all the time, but how well do we know this common practice?

Observability, monitoring, and debugging at scale for your production…


A lot of rubber ducks

Johannes Bechberger

JVM and profiler developer

Worked on the JDWP protocol and profiling 

AsyncGetStackTrace: A better Stack Trace API for the JVM

A short primer on Java debugging internals

Marit van Dijk

Developer Advocate at JetBrains 

Ties van de Ven

Software Engineer @ JDriven, Coach @ Jcore

6 Steps to help you debug your application


Shai Almog

Author of “Practical Debugging at Scale


Frank Delporte


00’00 Intro and music 

00’24 About the topic of this podcast 

00’58 Introduction of the guests and host

05’14 Debugging with IntelliJ IDEA and discoverability of tools

YouTube: Debugger playlist

YouTube: Profiling tools

YouTube: Profiling live stream

13’27 JDWP protocol

DZone: Remote Debugging Java Applications With JDWP

Foojay: PSA: The Risks of Remote JDWP Debugging

Foojay: A Short Primer on Java Debugging Internals

19’43 Exception breakpoints

Foojay: Exception Breakpoint that Doesn’t Suck and a Real Use Case for Method Breakpoints

20’34 External debugging tools

26’55 Observability

37’58 What information should you look for while debugging

45’46 Be aware of tunnel vision while debugging

49’33 What to do if you don’t know where to search for the bug

Foojay: External Debugging Tools 2: git bisect

57’05 Outro

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