Foojay Podcast #13: Denver and Boulder JUG

We started the Foojay Podcast JUG World Tour in Manchester last December.

Last month we were in Dubai… and now we are on the other side of the world in the US to meet the people behind the Denver and Boulder JUG.


Greg Ostravich

Zettie Chin-Fong

Kris Woyna

Matt Raible

Podcast host

Frank Delporte (, @frankdelporte)


Denver JUG 

Boulder JUG


00’00 Intro and music 

00’14 About the topic of this podcast 

00’27 Introduction of the guests

03’20 The start of the Boulder and Denver JUGs 

05’48 The impact of Covid and going virtual

08’12 Both JUGs are 45′ drive apart, and work together

10’14 The format of the JUGs with one or two speakers

11’17 How to find new speakers

16’36 How many attendees and the challenge of finding a venue

19’51 Restarting after Covid

21’58 More of the most remarkable sessions

25’39 Tips for speakers

31’19 Plans for the future

33’30 Mix of visitors

36’57 Tips to organize a JUG in different cities

39’11 The most crucial goals of a JUG

42’47 Outro

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