Foojay Podcast #12: State and Future of the IDEs

In this podcast,  we are talking to some of the key people working on different IDEs, Integrated Development Environments.

Those are applications that provide tools to computer programmers for software development.

An IDE typically consists of at least a source code editor, build automation tools, and a debugger.

Let’s learn how these tools evolved, and the challenges they face to stay up-to-date with the many evolutions in Java and all other programming languages.

And what we can still expect in the future!


Helen Scott (IntelliJ IDEA, @HelenJoScott)

Martin Lippert (Eclipse, Spring Tools Lead at VMware, @martinlippert)

Nick Zhu (Microsoft VSC, @nickzhu9)

Geertjan Wielenga (Apache NetBeans, @GeertjanW)


Frank Delporte (, @frankdelporte)


00’00 Intro and music 

00’15 About the topic of this podcast 

00’45  Introduction of the guests

04’14 What is an IDE?

07’15 Apache NetBeans as a community project

08’20 About the community around Spring and Eclipse

11’28 OSGi in Eclipse

13’21 How JetBrains build a company around IDEs

17’43 About Java within Visual Studio Code and Microsoft

20’55 Foojay posts about IDEs 

22’21 Spring Tools development for IDEs

27’32 IDEs on small platforms

29’42 CodeWithMe in IntelliJ IDEA

31’37 On-line editors

33’15 Main benefits of the different IDEs and what is coming in 2023

 46’07 Conclusion

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