Enterprise Java Application Development With Jakarta EE and Vaadin

Watch this webinar recording to get an overview of the Vaadin framework and learn how to use it to build modern web applications on the Jakarta EE Platform in pure Java, without any frontend framework. 

Find out more about the core features of Jakarta EE, like its dependency injection (Jakarta CDI) and persistence (Jakarta Persistence) APIs. Additionally, you will learn how to use Vaadin and Jakarta EE to build responsive web applications that can run on different devices and browsers.

The webinar is presented by the experienced Matti Tahvonen from Vaadin and Luqman Saeed, Jakarta EE expert at Payara, who share best practices and tips for building modern pure Java web applications that are easy to maintain, secure, and scalable.

Vaadin is a popular web application framework that allows you to create stunning user interfaces in pure Java. With Vaadin, you don’t have to be a JavaScript/Typescript expert to create modern, responsive web applications.

Jakarta EE, formerly known as Java EE on the other hand, provides a robust and scalable backend infrastructure for building enterprise-grade web applications. Pairing both gives you, as a Java developer, an easy, typesafe way to create great looking, scalable and secure modern web applications.

In this video, you will learn:

What Vaadin is and what you can use it for

How to get started with Vaadin on the Jakarta EE Platform

How to build your user interfaces in pure Java

How to use Vaadin’s components and add-ons to create beautiful and interactive user interfaces

How to organize your Vaadin application code using Jakarta CDI

How to use Vaadin’s data binding features

How to persist your Vaadin application data using Jakarta Persistence

How to organize your application code for maintainability

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