Book Announcement: “OpenJDK Migration Guide for Dummies”

For the fourth time in four years, Oracle has changed how it prices and licenses Java.

Many organizations that rely on Java are switching from the Oracle JDK to OpenJDK and taking advantage of significant cost savings in the process.

But if you have a variety of specialized Java applications, created at different times and running on different JDK versions, you may have some anxiety about making the switch.

But, worry no more, Java Champion Simon Ritter has you covered in a new (free) book.

This handy book offers a concise, fun-to-read overview of OpenJDK migration:

Learn the three-phase strategy for migration success

Simplify the migration process and avoid pitfalls with older releases

Learn how to evaluate support providers and reduce costs

Access free migration tools and templates

You’ll also get tips on how to select the right Java partner to assist with your migration and provide ongoing support, security updates, application tuning, cost reductions, and expertise.

Go here to get your free book, your starter kit for starting to migrate to OpenJDK!

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