2023 Community Survey

Here’s the idea.

A survey that allows the community to ask the questions they want, including (shock horror) occasional commercial ones.

Often, when a survey’s results are released, the reader is left wanting more, experiencing that perennial “yes but” moment. Typically, the survey data is hidden and unavailable for analysis, and the desired follow-up questions or clarifications are not addressed.

The Foojay survey breaks this pattern. We will make all the data available, within the bounds of GDPR, and you will have the opportunity to propose the questions that should be included. The Foojay Board also has the chance to propose their own questions.

The result will be a survey where the friends of OpenJDK ask themselves the burning questions that other surveys overlook, although some of the the usual ones will probably sneak in!

How to get involved?

If you have ideas for questions or want to see what we already have, visit the related slack channel on Foojay slack and share your thoughts.

(Make sure to read the instructions to gain access to Foojay slack first.)

If you are involve in the Foojay Board or another organization and want to get connected reach out to me on slack.


Not yet… visit the survey slack channel!

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