Workflow and rule management with Open Source software by Camunda

Summer time!

Join us for on last session before the summer break. This time, you'll have the opportunity to learn about Camunda, an open-source platform to define and execute your business rules and workflow.


This is not about getting rid of developers by "zero code" promises, but about developer-friendly frameworks, that help you to do your job! 

Business logic is complex for most companies and involves a lot of long running interactions, which might take days or weeks to complete (you might call this workflow). Sometimes (micro-)services have to be called in a specific order to fulfil business goals (you might call this orchestration) and compensation must be taken into account in case of errors (which is about business transactions). Decisions have to be made, based on rules, changing very often (you might call this business rules management). These requirements have to be addressed! And it is better not left to management alone to select some shiny vendor promising“zero-code without any developer involved”.

The talk will give an introduction into BPMN (a standard for process modelling and workflow automation) and DMN (for business rules and decision automation). We will demonstrate the “developer-friendly” approach to create models for business users. And we will enrich them with technical attributes and accompany them by code, executed by lightweight engines.

We will use real world examples, a fun little hack-session and an in-depth discussions on the variety of possible architectures(ranging from “old-school 3-tier” to “hyped reactive microservices”) and point out benefits for the developer.

We will use the open source platform Camunda and code examples that are available on GitHub.

About the Speaker

Niall Deehan is a consultant at Camunda, where he specializes liaising with developers and technical analysts who are working on Camunda BPM projects. His particular focus is on helping customers to produce models which align with Camunda’s best practices. This includes helping customers understand the modeling options available for their use case and providing advice and examples accordingly.

Niall has a Bachelor of Science in computer applications: software engineering, written extensively for Camunda, both as blog-post and white papers and speaks at conferences.

He speaks fluently English, passable Irish and stubbornly maintains very poor German. 

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