Software Architecture and the balance with agility – JDriven

Internationaal gewaardeerde spreker Simon Brown komt op uitnodiging van JDriven op 11 september naar Nederland.

Simon gaat overdag intensief met het team van JDriven aan de slag op het gebied van Software Architectuur, Design en Vakmanschap. Daarna zal Simon, speciaal voor onze gasten, zijn visie geven op de balans tussen Architectuur en Agile.

Ook jij bent hierbij van harte welkom. Meld je nu aan!


About Simon Brown

[Simon Brown] Simon brown lives in Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands) and works as an independent consultant, helping teams to build better software. His client list spans over 20 countries and includes organisations ranging from small technology startups through to global household names. He's an award-winning speaker and the author of Software Architecture for Developers – a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility. He still codes too 🙂

Software Architecture and the balance with agility

On one hand the software development industry is pushing forward, reinventing the way that we build software, striving for agility and craftsmanship at every turn. On the other though, we're continually forgetting the good of the past and software teams are still failing on an alarmingly regular basis. Software architecture plays a pivotal role in the delivery of successful software yet it's often neglected.

Whether performed by one person or shared amongst the team, the software architecture role exists on even the most agile of teams yet the balance of up front and evolutionary thinking often reflects aspiration rather than reality. By steering away from big up front design and ivory tower architects, many teams now struggle to create a consistent, shared technical vision to work from. This can result in chaos, big balls of mud or software that still fails to meet its goals, despite continuous user involvement.

This talk will explore the importance of software architecture and the consequences of not thinking about it, before introducing some lightweight techniques to bring the essence of software architecture back into an agile environment. We'll look at creating a shared vision within the development team, effectively communicating that vision and managing technical risk. I'll also share the strategies that I've used to introduce these techniques into agile teams, even those that didn't think that they needed them.



18:00 Welcome
18:10 Simon Brown : Software Architecture and the balance with agility
19:30 Drinks & snacks


Datum en locatie

Donderdag 11 september 2014 van 18.00 uur tot 20.30 uur
JDriven, Coltbaan 4 Nieuwegein


Voor wie?

Ervaren Java Developers en Software Architecten.

Deze avond, aangeboden door JDriven, de experts op het gebied van enterprise development in Nederland!
Ongeveer een week voor aanvang van het evenement ontvang je een mail met de laatste details.

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