Code.Star – Ordina


We are very excited to invite you to the launch event of Codestar: a new label for Full Stack Scala and Big Data solutions. This is the concluding step of a journey we started last year to take programming to the next level: building next gen applications within the Scala ecosystem and create an environment where the most passionate developers come together.
We love our craft: programming. At the end of the day all that counts is the code. We write code. Clean code. Code that works. We program Scala, but also TypeScript. JavaScript and sometimes Haskell.
We are polyglot and not afraid of learning new languages. And we believe that functional programming principles and a reactive architecture are the basis for creating next gen applications faster.
So we are proud to have found the right speakers to celebrate with us. Andre Staltz is an user interface engineer with extensive knowledge in reactive programming. He is a core contributor to RxJS and, has built RxMarbles, and has taught reactive programming through courses and viral blog posts. Then we have Jan Ouwens, who will show you how to grow a DSL the right way. And finally our partners from Typesafe will announce a demo of their new brand Microservices framework!

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