Cloud-Native Roadshow in Amsterdam

Learn how to deliver software like Pivotal and Google.

In this one-day program, Pivotal and Google share how we deliver software applications. By demonstrating the capabilities of a cloud-native software organization, we’ll share the promises Pivotal Cloud Foundry can help you keep when combined with industry-leading services and infrastructure using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We built Pivotal Cloud Foundry so you can deliver software with increased velocity and reduced risk. Together we will share how to make the principles of Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) achievable on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Google and Pivotal collaborated to make Pivotal Cloud Foundry a reliable place for your applications to live.

The day will open with an introduction to Pivotal, Google, and our shared partner ecosystem. Pivotal will share how culture and technology combine to reinforce each other. We will go hands-on to show you how easy it is to develop applications with Spring Boot, integrate with Google Cloud services, and use Concourse to automate shipping applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

In the afternoon, we’ll show you how Pivotal Cloud Foundry operators can empower development teams by enabling GCP integrations in their Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment. We’ll then focus on the developer experience of integrating applications with GCP’s powerful services

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