AngularJS workshop Shyam Seshadri – Xebia

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to AngularJS. The trainer, Shyam Seshadri has co-written the definite book on AngularJS for O’Reilly publications.

Programme and Course Overview: 

This workshop is aimed at being a hands-on introduction to AngularJS, allowing developers to get familiar with the technology and understand how to build large scale applications using it.

The topics that will be covered during the 2-day workshop include, but are not limited to:
– Getting started with AngularJS development;
– AngularJS terminology;
– Routing and Server Communication;
– Building custom reusable HTML components;
– Animation support;
– Testing in AngularJS.

All these topics are covered by a presenation along with a hands-on code along workshop which highlights these aspects.

By the end of the training, developers should feel extremely comfortable developing applications in AngularJS, and understand when to use what pieces and how they all work together.

For this workshop it is important to bring your own laptop !

This laptop should have the follwing installed:
– Git
– NodeJS
– WebStorm if possible (30 day trial version available), or preferred IDE
– Following NodeJS packages (Express, Karma)

Target Group & Prerequisites: 

This workshop is aimed at JavaScript developers and developers who are looking to get a head start on quickly developing fast, maintainable Single Page Applications in JS.

For this workshop you need:
– Basic JavaScript knowledge;
– Some understanding of Single Page Application structure.

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